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Dear WNBF Athlete,

Thank you for booking your polygraph test with us. To ensure that you have a successful and stress-free experience, please read the following information

WNBF banned Substance List

As a WNBF athlete, it is mandatory that you read the updated WNBF banned substance list before taking your test. The complete list of prohibited drugs can be found at 

Please note that you will be tested on your knowledge of this list during the polygraph test.


Prescription Medication 

If you have taken any prescription medication within 24 hours of your test or are taking medication in a higher dosage than prescribed by your doctor, please inform the polygraph examiner before the test begins.


Booking Advice 

To avoid any last-minute stress, we advise you to book your test as early as possible. Please book your polygraph test well in advance of your spray tan appointment.

Test Day: Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time. The test typically takes 20-30 minutes, but some tests may take longer. Please bring a change of clothes and something to eat and drink in case you need to wait.


Polygraph and Urine Analysis accept form

A WNBF representative will meet you outside the room where the polygraph tests are conducted. You will be asked to sign a form giving your consent to provide a urine sample for the urine analysis, and to agree to submit to a polygraph test.


If you accidentally came into contact with a substance on the WNBF banned substance list and had no intention of using it to enhance your athletic performance, you may still be eligible to compete. Please notify us via email at least 24 hours before your test if this applies to you. We may have to reschedule your appointment and conduct a slightly longer test.


Please note that a WNBF polygraph test is valid for 6 weeks for amateurs and 2 weeks for professionals.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming competition!

Best regards,

The Polygraph Examiner

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